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Trucking and Transportation Financing

Types of Trucking Services

Trucking businesses differ according to the types of services they offer. Larger businesses are often able to provide a combination of any of the services listed below. Different services also typically require different types of trucking vehicles.

  • Auto hauling. Trucks are used to haul or tow away vehicles that have broken down or violated the law. Related to this is boat hauling, in which businesses offer trucks capable of hauling watercrafts to required locations.
  • Dry van. These are typically employed to transport dry goods or non-perishable products.
  • Dry bulk pneumatic. This is a specialized vehicle used for transporting and unloading construction materials such as cement, salt, and sand.
  • Flat beds. These trucks are also used often in construction, this time for the transport of heavy supplies such as lumber and steel pipes.
  • Reefer. These are used for delivering frozen or refrigerated goods. They are, of course, equipped with the necessary equipment to keep goods in their ideal temperature during transport.
  • Moving house or home moving. This refers to trucks that are hired to help owners relocate and transfer all their belongings to their new home. Most of the time, these companies are also expected to include storage, package, and unloading services.
  • Tankers. This is used to transport liquid materials such as milk and gasoline. It may also be used in transporting dry bulk materials like sugar and even plastic.

Types of Truck Driving

Truck businesses also employ different types of driving that vary according to the distance covered as well as the requirements specified for drivers. You may need a business cash advance to ensure that you are able to meet all your customers' truck driving needs.

  • Local driving. Truck drivers work eight-hour shifts each day and transport goods in short-distance trips that do not take them outside their region, county, or even their town.
  • Regional driving. Truck drivers are limited to accepting job orders within the state.
  • Interstate driving. Truck drivers are able to deliver in different states assuming they have the necessary licenses to do so as well.
  • Team driving. This is typically implemented for job orders that do not allow any kind of stopovers. It may however also involve a periodic change of drivers for every state crossed, thus minimizing the amount of time the driver spends away from his home.

Why You Need Truck Business Financing

A business cash advance is typically applied for when the trucking company owner has a need of the following:

Expand fleet to include new types of trucks

Before you can start accepting different job orders, you have to make sure that your business also has the specific trucking vehicle needed for clients.

Build your own on-site maintenance and repair facility

Rather than spend hundreds to even thousands of dollars getting your vehicles repaired or maintained, you can instead invest in coming up with your own maintenance and repair facility. Doing so will allow you to eliminate the amount of waiting you are typically subjected to when having your trucks serviced.

Train employees

Continuous training is available and desired for trucking employees. The more qualifications they offer, the more impressed the clients will be. They would also be likely to pay more if they are satisfied with the type of services you can offer.

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