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The SBA or Small Business Administration defines small business as a company that possesses the following characteristics:

  • Owned & operated by an independent individual
  • Operated for profit
  • Is not a leader in its market
  • Meets the size requirements specified for its industry

How "Small" Is Your Business?

Here are a few examples of the size requirements that SBA had specified per industry type as well as the type of product they are engaged in developing or selling.

  • Wholesale. Companies may be identified as small businesses if their workforce consists of 100 to 500 employees.
  • Service. Those in the service sector should have their yearly total income fall between $2.5M and $21.5M.
  • Retail. Those in the retailing business must have their income for the year fall in the range of $5M to $21M.
  • Manufacturing. Companies in this industry should have anywhere between 500 and 1,500 employees to qualify as a small business.
  • Construction. Annual receipts for companies offering heavy or general construction should fall between $13.5M and $17M. Those involved in special trade construction should, however, have their annual income amount to anything equal to or less than $7M.
  • Agriculture. Income for the year must be between $500,000 and $9M for an agricultural firm to qualify as a small business.

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