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Salon and Spa Financing

Types of Beauty Salon Products and Services

Beauty salons are service-based businesses that have to follow the trends, but at the same time, must also be able to guarantee unique and original results from their work. Beauty and fashion make a fickle mistress, and you have to make sure that every client who leaves your salon is attractive in everyone's eyes.

A beauty salon typically earns revenue from the following activities:

  • Sale of beauty, hair, face, and body products
  • Providing hair services and treatments such as haircut and styling, hair coloring treatments, hair straightening and curling treatments, hair relax and rebonding treatments, and many more
  • Providing body services and treatments such as facial, massages and scrubs, foot wash, manicures and pedicures, and a lot more
  • Providing tanning services and leasing of tanning equipment

Types of Beauty Salon Expenses

Beauty salons are better able to serve their select clientele when they invest in the latest industry-grade equipment and constantly improve and expand their product catalog and services. They also have to make sure that they keep up with the bills – especially the ones that enable their businesses to maintain a professional and stylish image for the benefit of their clients.

Your beauty salon must come up with enough revenue to pay for the expenses listed below and which are typical for businesses in your line of work.

  • Monthly rent or lease payments
  • Renovations and remodeling
  • Salaries and wages as well as employee training
  • Inventory for products for sale
  • Inventory for supplies used in treatment, e.g. shampoo, styling products, and bobby pins
  • Purchase and maintenance of appliances and equipment like curling machines, hair dryers, and hair irons
  • Taxes

Why You Need Beauty Salon Financing

Aside from having to pay the expenses listed above on time, you may also have other and just as important reasons for taking out a business cash advance.

Upgrade equipment

The smallest mistake with the treatments you provide may be more than enough for clients to lose faith in your services and discourage them from coming back again. One way of ensuring that such a thing won't happen is to invest in equipment upgrades. Many treatments today rely on technology for more accurate results. Take for instance with hair perms. You can make sure that you get the exact style and size of curls for your client's hair with the best and latest curling machines today.

Hire senior stylists and professionals

There are of course certain services that even the latest equipment cannot provide. Other services require the competence and expertise of the industry's most successful and veteran professionals. If you want your business to be well-known, then you need to have equally well-known stylists in your employ. But be warned: these stylists don't come cheap!

Renovate or remodel your salon

In your line of work, clients also place a great importance on the establishment's ambience and surroundings. Remodel your salon so that your client will feel pampered and relaxed the moment he or she steps inside your doorway.

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