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Retail Store Financing

Types of Retail Store Products

Retail stores basically vary according to the types of products they are selling.

  • Hard or "hardline" retailing products. These include anything that is hard to touch such as sporting equipment, furniture, and electronics.
  • Soft goods. These include but are not limited to curtains, apparel, and clothing.

Types of Retail Stores

Small Business Funders is ready to partner with you in finding the most effective financial solution for your needs regardless of what type of retail store you are operating. Here are examples of the types of retail stores that our company is more than capable of working with.

  • Department stores and malls. A business cash advance can help expand the range of products available in your outlets. It may also be used to improve customer service efforts.
  • Discount stores. We can help you afford high-volume orders that would allow you to provide customers with a wider range of merchandise at highly discounted prices.
  • Warehouse stores. Small Business Funders can enable your company to purchase larger quantities for stock and in order to do business with wholesaling agents.
  • Variety and specialty stores. We can aid your business to improve the selection of products available in your outlets.
  • Convenience stores. A business cash advance can provide the initial funding needed if you decide to increase operating hours of your store.
  • General stores. You can further expand your product selection to offer better choices compared to other general stores in and around your area.
  • Electronic retailing. Whether you wish to operate exclusively online or not, a business cash advance may also be used to improve your company's exposure as well as selling performance on the web.
  • Vending machines and other automated kiosks – Small Business Funders can provide the cash you need to purchase better or more self-automated kiosks or vending machines and take advantage of still-unexplored markets.

Types of Retail Store Expenses

Depending on the volume of orders, expenses for retail store businesses can rise to astronomical proportions - the kind that would necessitate a business cash advance.

  • Rent
  • Wages for cashiers, stockroom and maintenance staff, security personnel, on-site assistants and administrative department
  • Utility
  • Inventory and warehousing
  • Taxes

Why You Need Retail Store Financing

Here are some reasons why you may find a business cash advance quite helpful to improve your retail store's sales and overall performance.

Improve facilities and amenities

The more time your customers spend in your stores, the more chances there are that they won't go home empty handed. For this to happen, you must make your store a pleasant, safe, and comfortable place to spend time in. Improve your air-conditioning and heating system if necessary. Upgrade and remodel for better décor. Spend as much as needed to provide an adequate number of restrooms for your customers too.

Expand product selection

Make your store indispensable to your customers by increasing your product selection, thus ensuring that you can offer everything they may need.

Increase outlet space

If you have an increased number of customers, you cannot expect them to continue tolerating the cramped confines of your retail store outlet. Use a business cash advance to increase store space in your current location or relocated to a new, bigger, and better space.

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