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Restaurant Financing

The restaurant industry is notorious for having a very high mortality rate for its members, with many businesses failing to last more than a few years. Those that survive past the three-year-mark do not necessarily mean, however, that they are doing well. Many such businesses only happen to survive with the support of gigantic debts.

With Small Business Funders, however, that kind of scenario is highly unlikely. Our merchant cash advance is based on your projected income and as such, it will not lead you to borrow anything that you cannot afford to pay back in the future.

Here are a few examples of the types of restaurants that our professional team is more than ready to provide assistance for.

  • Fast food. This type of business vary in terms of size and cuisine. They are often operated as franchises from larger business chains. All fast foods typically rely on packaged food and ingredients and require a minimum amount of preparation time prior to serving.
  • Fast casual. Service is just as quick as fast food outlets but typically have a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere compared to the latter. Prices may be cheaper or more expensive depending on the cuisine and its target market.
  • Casual dining. These typically offer table service and feature a wide selection of cuisines. Preparation time is anywhere between quick to moderately long while ingredients may be fresh or processed depending on the establishment's standards.
  • Fine dining. Food preparation and service adhere to the highest standards. Dress code is usually strictly implemented.

Types of Restaurant Expenses

Restaurants are among the for-profit ventures that have very high operational costs. And these are the major expenses owners of such businesses will have to frequently attend to:

  • Salary and wages for waiting, kitchen, and security staff as well as management
  • Scheduled purchase for fresh ingredients
  • Site maintenance in serving area and kitchen
  • Marketing and promotional materials and services

Why You Need Restaurant Business Financing

There are a variety of reasons that you may need to take out a business cash advance even if your restaurant is doing well.

Re-do your menu

Sometimes, you need to breathe new life to your restaurant's menu to increase sales. This, however, could mean that ingredients in stock are no longer necessary and have to be replaced immediately. Having a ready source of funds will ensure that you can implement such changes swiftly and efficiently.

Improve quality of ingredients

As is typical with all types of businesses, you need to sometimes further improve the quality of the materials – or in this case the ingredients – that are you working with in order to earn top dollar from your patrons. Remember that most people are willing to pay more than usual if the products or services they get in return are more than worth its price.

Remodel your restaurant

Remodeling a restaurant can be quite costly but it is also sometimes necessary in order to make your patrons feel more comfortable and happy. With a merchant cash advance, you can readily have required touches and fixes to your establishment's interior done so that it stays elegant and welcoming always.

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