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No Fixed Payments

No Fixed Payment Arrangements

You will rarely – if ever – find a bank, a mortgage lender, or any other kind of creditor willing to offer financial assistance without the assurance of fixed payment arrangements. But here at Small Business Funders, we are more than willing to offer this type of payment schedule to our loyal and much-valued clients.

We have been in your shoes, too, and as such we know more than anyone else how difficult it can sometimes be to keep up with monthly fixed payments. Even when you are armed with the best intentions, a lot of unpredictable factors can take place and which would prevent you from paying your dues on time.

A Simple Payment Solution

Our company has developed a hassle-free and mutually beneficial payment schedule for those who wish to make do without fixed payment arrangements. Here's how it works.

  • Step 1: Expert accountants from our company would take into account your past, present, and future sales in order to determine how much you can afford to borrow.
  • Step 2: If you accept the cash advance we will offer you, then you will be asked to sign a contract for the advance. Don't worry as the contract is just a legal reiteration of what we have promised: lower payments in months of lower sales and higher payments in months of higher sales.
  • Step 3: Our accountants will stay updated about your monthly sales performance and will base its monthly reductions on the specified figures.
  • Step 4: We will forward you with monthly statements regarding the deductions or repayments you have made for your cash advance. You can also request for a quarterly or annual statement report if you want, and we will be more than happy to provide you one.

The Benefits of No Fixed Payment Arrangements

At Small Business Funders, we have made it our lifelong goal to do what we can to help our clients' businesses generate income and enjoy increasing profits over time. We also consider it our objective to extend all kinds of financial assistance that may prove helpful in making your company easier and simpler to manage.

Our thorough and careful studies have shown that a NO FIXED PAYMENT loan or cash advance would prove helpful to you and your business in different and essential ways.

Lower payments for low-sales months to avoid penalties and additional charges

Other financial companies would not extend you the same consideration that we do about the months that your business had lower sales than usual. In these periods of financial difficulties, we don't mind receiving smaller or lower payments as well. This way, you will have an easier time preventing late payment surcharges, penalties, and all other fines related to delayed repayments.

Higher payments for high-sales months to pay off cash advances on time

No company would ever want to stay indebted for a long time, and it's for this reason we have made sure that our cash advance will be as easy as possible for you to pay off. By arranging for higher payments during the months that your business is doing more than well, you could easily end up paying off your cash advance more quickly than you ever envisioned possible. More importantly, the substantial repayments you make won't make a serious dent to your finances as they are only taken during the months that business is booming for your company.

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