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High Risk Business Financing

Is Your Company Considered a High Risk Business?

In the eyes of banks, mortgage providers and other lenders, your company is considered a high-risk business based on any of the following scenarios.

  • Your business is operating at a substantial loss.
  • Your business is quite new in the industry.
  • Your business is in the process of or had completed legitimate bankruptcy procedures.
  • You have bad credit.
  • Your business has a very small market.

Get Help from Small Business Funders Today!

We at Small Business Funders do not care about any of those things. We can also extend help without requiring you to obtain any kind of loan. Rather, you just have to obtain a business cash advance, which is similar to borrowing money against what you will earn in the future. Then again, how can it be really termed as "borrowing" when you are doing so from your own funds?

Our business cash advance comes with zero strings attached. It will not ask you for any of the following at any point while your case is being reviewed and had not yet been granted approval.

  • Financial statements
  • Credit reports
  • Credit card statements
  • Bank certificates
  • Employment pay slips
  • Income tax returns

No Collateral

The amount of money you will be able to advance with the help of our company will not be dependent on any kind of collateral. As such, you do not need to worry about having to acquire assets that are suitable to post as collateral. You do not need to worry either about coming up with enough money to prevent your collateral from being permanently acquired by the lender.

No Credit Score Requirements

Your credit score is also immaterial when you are applying for a business cash advance with us. After all, you are simply asking us to help you access your funds which you are still to earn in the future. We certainly do not need to know your credit rating just to provide you help in making use of your own funds.

What You Will Need to Get a Business Cash Advance

We at Small Business Funders have very simple requirements when it comes to applications for business cash advances.

  • Proof of identity. We just need to be absolutely sure that we get your personal as well as business details right. This way, transfer of funds will go directly to the appropriate account without unnecessary holdup.
  • Proof of ownership. Naturally, we will need to see proof that you are indeed the legitimate and sole owner of the business. If you have a partner or you are operating a corporation, we may need to see letters of authorization that prove you have the authority to obtain a business cash advance.
  • Bank account. We need to know details of your bank account so that we may wire your funds directly to it upon approval of your application. We may also use it later on to deduct regular repayments from your sales so that you won't have to personally come to us each time you have to relay payments.

We at Small Business Funders will give you the choice for determining the ideal repayment scheme or schedule for your business cash advance. It's all up to you to decide how long you want to take to pay off your business cash advance. So contact us now and let's start turning your high-risk business into a more efficient-functioning one!

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