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Fast Cash Business Financing

Fast cash loans are something we at Small Business Funders extend to companies that have an urgent need for additional financing.

Why Would Your Business Need a Fast Cash Loan?

Most people mistakenly assume that fast cash loans are only required by businesses owned by people with bad credit. Although that could be one reason for obtaining a fast cash loan, there are other reasons why even businesses on the green would still require a fast cash loan.

  • An unexpected and short term deadline for loan repayment – If you have a debt that's payable on call, and your creditor just made that call you might need a fast cash loan to come up with the amount required to settle your debt and avoid late surcharges as well as other unpleasant consequences that you'd face if you default on your loan.
  • An unexpected opportunity that requires considerable financing – Business opportunities always require financing, and the bigger the opportunity is, the more financing you will need. If you have exhausted all your usual sources for financing, why not do business with us and get a fast cash loan?
  • Emergency and disaster expenses – There's no predicting when and how nature will strike and unleash its rage. Anything that stands on its wake is to be pitied because there's no going against hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. If your business has suffered extensive damage due to any natural disaster, you can get a fast cash loan to redress what requires immediate solutions or treatments while waiting for your insurance company to approve your claim request.
  • Deficit expenses – Speaking of insurance companies, there may be instances when the expenses you have incurred would still be greater than what the insurance company is willing to reimburse. If you don't have the money to pay off the deficit, you can take out a fast cash loan to get it settled immediately.

A Speedy and Hassle-Free Application Process

Here's how "fast" our fast cash loans can be.

  • We won't ask you to show up in person to apply for a fast cash loan.
  • We won't ask you for financial statements or tax returns.
  • We won't require your credit report.
  • We won't need you to put up collateral.
  • We won't ask you to personally guarantee your loan.

The only things that we would ask you are the following, and all of them can be processed in minutes:

  • Fill up our application form and submit it to us online.
  • Be ready with proof regarding your business' current registration and licensing permits as well as proof of your monthly sales records.
  • Wait for our call, which will be made within 24 hours.

And that's it!

Here at Small Business Funders, we are not at all fond of making things more difficult than it should be. If anything, we'd like to do things the opposite way in order to keep everything smooth sailing for our clients. We don't like the fuss that lots of red tape create and prefer that we are able to speak openly and honestly with our clients.

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