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Credit Card Processing

Say what you will about credit cards and their occasionally exorbitant interest rates, but most people still ultimately consider credit card processing as vital to any shop or website they frequent.

If your business does NOT offer credit card processing...

  • Your professional image could suffer. As even small businesses nowadays are capable of offering credit card payment solutions, you have no excuse for not making the same services available with your company. The fact that you don't make you seem even less experienced and less professional than the many new start-ups that offer this type of payment solution to their clients from day one.
  • Orders could be lower than its maximum potential. You should never assume that all of your clients are capable of paying for your products or services with cash. Some of them use or operate only on credit or utilize revolving credit for majority of their expenses. Even if they had badly wanted to do business with your company, your lack of payment options prevents them from doing so.
  • Customers could find transacting with your company inconvenient. Even those that do have the option and ability to pay cash may still choose not to do so simply because it is inconvenient for them to do so. Credit card payments – in spite of the emergence of other types of mobile payment solutions – still remain as the most ubiquitously used paperless payment option in the world. With credit cards, buyers do not have to be physically present in order to spend their credit. They just have to enter their credit card detail into a website's database and wait for verification. When their details have been verified, they can then start shopping without another moment's worry as everything will be immediately charged to their credit card account.
  • Customers may consider it unsafe to do business with your company. Even though there are some people who are more than confident that security measures employed by their favorite shops are satisfactory, there are also those who do not share the same opinion. They may think, for instance, that having to bring in large amounts of cash to send you payment would not be worth the trouble or the risk of getting robbed in the process.

What You Get with Credit Card Processing from Small Business Funders

We can assist you with your needs for effective payment solutions, and one of those would be credit card processing. We have partnered with the best companies in the industry that handle this type of service and to enable you and the rest of our valued clients to offer a more varied selection of payment options.

  • Better payment security
  • Greater payment convenience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Contact us today and find out more about how our credit card processing services may serve you.

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