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Bad Credit Business Financing

In the past, bad credit business loans may have been your only alternative for financing. But now that you have come to us, we at Small Business Funders are more than willing to provide you with a better financing option with our expansive selection of business loans and cash advances.

Why Our Cash Advances Are Better Than Bad Credit Business Loans

Throughout our years in business, we have been able to help numerous clients of ours turn their lives around by giving them the second chance that most other financial companies are unwilling to provide them without making unreasonable demands.

Here at Small Business Funders, helping our clients to become financially independent so as to enable their businesses to grow and reach a profitable state is our ultimate aim. We want to earn our rewards with you and not at your expense.

If you choose to take out a cash advance from us, we can promise that it would be a lot better than the kind of future you would face with a bad credit business loan.

We don't charge excessively high interest rates.

High-interest charges are one way of banks to additionally secure the loans they are extending to people with bad credit. In the event that the debtor does default, the bank would not have as much to lose as the interest payments could be used to offset the debtor's remaining balance.

Do not, however, think that such equations would show up on your latest balance statement. Regardless of how much interest you have already paid, your balance will remain the same.

We base your monthly repayment due on your current sales.

What you earn for the month and not the previous year will serve as the basis of what you owe as repayment for the same month. As such, you would not have to worry about coming up with a fixed repayment amount in the months that you earned less than usual. We will always ask you to repay only what you can currently afford to repay.

We will not pressure you with deadlines.

We want you to concentrate on what you do best, and that's to make money with your business. With our cash advances, you can keep your mind at rest about repayment terms and periods. There are no deadlines for you to stress about. We're more than satisfied that you will continue paying us what amount you can afford each month.

We are giving you a better option to debt consolidation.

Last but not the least, our cash advances are a better alternative to debt consolidation. Similar to debt consolidation, you can use our cash advance to pay off all your debts and which would then leave you with one cash advance to pay off. But unlike debt consolidation, we won't charge you with unreasonable interest rates for our help. We also won't set a fixed repayment period for you to worry about.

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