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ACH Processing

There are a lot of reasons why a business may need cash and why it may face difficulty in getting it. Loans for businesses can be difficult to obtain, even with great credit. When the money is needed quickly, traditional loans can take far too long to apply for and gain approval on. This is why many businesses are turning to business cash advances. They differ from business loans and are the solution to many of the funding issues businesses face. Our ACH processing program is a business cash advance program that may be exactly what you have been looking for in order to get quick cash for your business needs.

Don't Process Credit Cards

No Need to Process Credit Cards

Most Business Cash Advance companies require you to process credit cards. But what if you don't? This is why we at Small Business Funders developed our bank-only ACH program. How our ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing program works is that our business cash advances are based on your daily sales. You continue to deposit your sales into a bank account and at regular intervals, a small predetermined percentage of those deposits is taken as repayment. Since we are essentially buying a portion of your future sales, an advance is a potentially higher amount for you.

Don't Process Credit Cards

Simple and Flexible

One thing that makes our cash advance facilities stand out is our flexible payment system. The repayment amount is always varied and dependent on how much your business makes in a given month. This way, you will never find repayments burdensome.

Don't Process Credit Cards

No Accruing Interest, Minimum Payments or Collateral

There is no need to worry about fixed payments, guaranteed minimum monthly payments, liens or the business cash advance you obtained through our ACH program showing up on your credit report. We don't even ask for a personal guarantee for repayment or collateral.

There is a one-time flat fee charged for our ACH processing program set-up, however you don't have to worry about interest accruing on your business cash advance because it is not a loan. If you have a month in which business is slow, your payment for that month is less. When your business does better, the advance gets paid back more quickly.

The application process for our ACH processing program is simple, and you can get approval and the cash your business needs within 7 business days.

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