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About Small Business Funders

Small Business Funders consists of a carefully selected team of professionals with a significant number of years in the business. In order to provide our clients with the best financing solutions for their business' needs, our company had made sure to only hire the industry's most qualified experts – professionals who have their fingers on the pulse of today's financing market.

Our select team of experts are well-versed in evaluating business potential, hence our ability to close more deals than other cash advance providers. With our help and with your cooperation, we can ensure that you get the funding you need to turn your business around and make it into the company you have always envisioned it to be.

The SIZE of your advance does not matter

No matter how big or small, Small Business Funders is more than capable of finding an ideal way to provide the amount of cash advance that your business needs.

Our company is more than familiar with the need for supporting growth, innovation, originality, and creativity in the business. We are also great believers in the need to take risks and invest in revolutionary ideas that have the capability of reshaping industries – or even the world.

Over the years, Small Business Funders had made it a point to extend financial aid to businesses whose applications had been turned down because they were too costly, too large a scale, and everything that was simply too much for those who couldn't see the bigger picture.

We are one of the first in this business

Our expertise is a product of years of working in this industry, building relationships and ventures with other lenders, and expanding our network of clients.

We also invested years of research in finding out what other services we could offer to help your business realize its full potential. It is for this reason that we had also been one of the first cash advance providers that had offered automated clear house or ACH processing. With this incredibly efficient payment system, businesses enjoy greater and more exciting opportunities for expanding their market and increasing their profits.

We don't choose which businesses to work with

Here in Small Business Funders, we take pride in the fact that we are more than able to work with companies of all sizes and types and from all kinds of industries.

It does not matter if your business is something you solely own, managed by a partnership, or is operated by a corporation. It does not matter if you are in the hospitality or the healthcare business. We know and understand that people have different passions in life, and businesses that were born out of such passion are the ones most likely to succeed.

As long as you care about your business, then we will be more than happy to help you make your business grow, too.

Whatever your financial needs are, we will be more than glad to help you find the ideal solution to it – and in the shortest time possible, too. Contact us today if you want to know more about the many financial services that we offer.

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